Everything Drivers Need to Know About Upgrading the Fuel Systems of Their 7.3L Trucks

Ford’s 7.3L Powerstroke trucks have developed quite the reputation among diesel enthusiasts. That doesn’t mean they’re perfect, though. The 94-97 “OBS” line is known for fuel delivery issues.

Thankfully, there are manufacturers that provide aftermarket solutions to this problem. Read on to find out how to solve fuel delivery problems with the Driven Diesel COMPLETE OBS Electric Fuel System.

The Issue

The 7.3L “OBS” trucks featured mechanical lift pumps to transport fuel to the rails and injectors. While mechanical control isn’t always a bad thing, in this case, it led to inconsistent fuel supply to the trucks’ injectors and inefficient injection. Thankfully, today’s aftermarket parts suppliers have developed a more-than-adequate solution.

The Solution

The driven diesel fuel system conversion kit includes everything drivers and mechanics need to solve their fuel delivery problems. It comes with an electric fuel pump and all the hardware required to install it, including fuel filters, hoses, and fittings.

The electric fuel pump featured in this impressive system is the same as the OEM Bosch fuel pump used in later-model Super Duty trucks. It provides reliable fuel delivery and can supply injectors up to 160cc in size, offering more consistent fuel pressure and priming the system before engine start.

Compatibility with Other Upgrades

The fuel system is compatible with most other mods, including aftermarket turbochargers, twin HPOP setups, and upgraded power levels. It’s important for van owners to note that the kit cannot be installed directly into Ford vans. Drivers will have to make some minor modifications to use this kit with E-Series vehicles.

Benefits of the Complete Electrical Fuel System Upgrade

Instead of replacing individual parts, drivers and mechanics can upgrade the entire fuel system in one fell swoop. Plus, this system offers the most compact fuel pump and filter mount available, so there are few circumstances where clearance will not allow for easy installation.

Many backyard mechanics even have their upgraded fuel system components sent directly to their homes and perform the upgrades themselves. Those who are more interested in driving their trucks than in upgrading and modifying them should also have no trouble finding a diesel mechanic who can install the kit.


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